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News about Tom 4.26.2019

I can share the little bit of news I have about Tom’s condition.

An official at ADX informed me (after I exasperatedly asked if Tom were still alive) that, yes, he is still alive. That was the full extent of the information provided by ADX!

I have learned from other sources that Tom is receiving his mail, wherever he may be located.

Consequently, I ask that anyone reading this note take the time to write to Tom and express your support and prayers.

I truly wish that I had more news to offer readers. I will continue to ask BOP and ADX officials for specific information, but I do not feel optimistic about their responses.

For the record, such treatment of Tom and of those concerned about him has far too many resemblances to that meted out by totalitarian regimes.

The Webmaster

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Appeal from the Webmaster 4.23.2019

Has anyone heard any news about Tom’s condition and/or whereabouts?

I have sent multiple letters and multiple emails but have not had any response. I have given up on attempts via telephone calls.

The Bureau of Prisons could not be more obstructionist if it deliberately set out to be, but my anger at my treatment is far outweighed by my concern for Tom’s health.

If anyone has any information, please share it here. Thanks.


A message from the webmaster 4.2.2019

I made my routine phone call to ADX today. I was put on hold for at least 5 minutes. I hung up and redialed. Lo and behold, I actually got through to a human being. Knowing it would be useless to ask about Tom’s health, I asked if he was still getting his mail and if he could write back to his correspondents. I didn’t get an answer specifically about Tom, but I was given the usual (I assume) spiel about BOP policy, namely, inmates are free to receive mail and to respond to such mail. I was told that the only way I could find out about Tom’s condition is by writing to him via snail mail. I have done that, but I fear the letter won’t reach Colorado much before Friday (I live in Canada), and I still have no way of knowing if Tom is receiving his mail, or if he is in any shape to answer it.

To say that BOP is doing everything in its power to frustrate any and all of Tom’s friends and family would be a gross understatement. I will continue my quest, and I will continue to share my experiences with readers of this website. Meanwhile, if anyone has any information about Tom, I urge you to post it here to share with concerned readers.

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Another message from the webmaster 3.20.2019

Having broken my silence with my earlier post, I might as well share all that I know with readers. Here, to the best of my recollection, is what has happened so far:

1) About 3 weeks ago Tom developed pneumonia (he told me in a letter).
2) He was put in hospital and underwent heart surgery (I believe it was quadruple bypass); he developed sepsis; and he went into partial kidney failure.
3) He was placed in intensive care.
4) His brother and sister flew to Colorado to visit him.
5) His family is no longer allowed to visit him.
6) The Bureau of Prisons will not give out any news about Tom’s condition to his webmaster.

And that is where things stand today. As I earlier posted, I have spent a frustrating 2 weeks trying to pry loose some kind of statement about Tom’s health, but I have been rebuffed in every effort. Officials have either failed to return calls (after half a dozen messages) or FLAT-OUT REFUSED TO SPEAK TO ME AFTER I IDENTIFIED MYSELF. I find such behaviour inexcusable, but I will continue my effort to find out how Tom is doing.

If you read this and feel like acting on Tom’s behalf, I urge you to call ADX Florence (719 784-9464) and ask to speak to the Public Information Officer or the Executive Assistant about Thomas Silverstein (Reg No 14634-116). Or you can send an email to: FLM/

Perhaps if enough people contact ADX someone will finally listen.

I will share any information I gather immediately.
The webmaster


A message from the webmaster 3.30.2019

I have made numerous phone calls to ADX in Florence. I have sent several emails to various administrators. I have left numerous requests for call-backs. All to no avail. I have been put on hold and left for several minutes; I have been told someone would get in touch with me; and I even have an email from the Office of the Administrative Assistant telling me that someone would be glad to speak to me about Tom’s whereabouts and condition. After two weeks of such effort I have exactly nothing to share with you. I don’t even know if Tom is still alive. I always marveled at Tom’s ability to tolerate the utterly demeaning treatment he has had at the hands of BOP; I now marvel even more. I shall keep trying to find out where and how Tom is, and I will share any news immediately. Meanwhile, if anyone knows anything about Tom, please post it here.