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Another message from the webmaster 3.20.2019

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Having broken my silence with my earlier post, I might as well share all that I know with readers. Here, to the best of my recollection, is what has happened so far:

1) About 3 weeks ago Tom developed pneumonia (he told me in a letter).
2) He was put in hospital and underwent heart surgery (I believe it was quadruple bypass); he developed sepsis; and he went into partial kidney failure.
3) He was placed in intensive care.
4) His brother and sister flew to Colorado to visit him.
5) His family is no longer allowed to visit him.
6) The Bureau of Prisons will not give out any news about Tom’s condition to his webmaster.

And that is where things stand today. As I earlier posted, I have spent a frustrating 2 weeks trying to pry loose some kind of statement about Tom’s health, but I have been rebuffed in every effort. Officials have either failed to return calls (after half a dozen messages) or FLAT-OUT REFUSED TO SPEAK TO ME AFTER I IDENTIFIED MYSELF. I find such behaviour inexcusable, but I will continue my effort to find out how Tom is doing.

If you read this and feel like acting on Tom’s behalf, I urge you to call ADX Florence (719 784-9464) and ask to speak to the Public Information Officer or the Executive Assistant about Thomas Silverstein (Reg No 14634-116). Or you can send an email to: FLM/

Perhaps if enough people contact ADX someone will finally listen.

I will share any information I gather immediately.
The webmaster

One thought on “Another message from the webmaster 3.20.2019

  1. Thanks for your efforts and this update.

    Sorry to learn his family can no longer visit him. I like to believe this means he is getting better so its back to the harsh treatment he’s received for so many years.

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