Thomas Silverstein – Official Website

Solitary Survivor


Please address any questions or comments to Tom directly:


Tom Silverstein

Reg. #14634-116, D Unit

U.S.P, A.D.X.

P.O Box 8500

Florence, CO 81226-8500



Please do NOT mail anything other than a letter or card to Tom without his notice and consent (the Bureau of Prisons is very selective in what it will deliver to Tom). Unsolicited gifts , for example, a book, will be returned to the sender. If you wish to send Tom any kind of gift, please check with him before you mail it.

And please note that, effective January 7, 2019, the following restrictions apply to all correspndence with Tom:

1) Use only white paper and white envelopes.

2) Do NOT use labels of any sort.

3) Do NOT use glitter, sticky notes, lipstick, or crayon. Do NOT use any kind of fragrance.

4) “Homemade” greeting cards will be photocopied and only the photocopy will be delivered to the inmate.

For a more comprehensive list of restrictions, see Tom’s post of 1.31.2019.


38 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m still trying to track down any piece done by Tom. I know the bulk of his art was burned but if anyone has any art that Tom gifted and would be willing to sell it or know anyone who would, could you please let me know and get in contact please!

  2. Hello My name is john, Im a researcher for the History Channel working on a new series called Prison Chronicles. Im pointing my feelers out to see i can get Photos of Mr. Silverstein for publication. Preferably with a smile seeing how we don’t want to shed negative light but talk about the other side of living behind bars. Any help would be amazing!

    All the best

    John Wilson

  3. Is there a credible or righteous way to purchase any of Toms art? I understand he wanted all his art burned? I don’t understand why? It was a way to keep his sprit alive, show his talent and provide for his family after he’s gone but I’m sure he had his reasons. If anything is made available to the public I would be very interested. With respects. Irish

    • Irish, Please forgive the delay in responding. Tom’s death shook me badly and I simply withdrew from my internet duties. I won’t let him down again. I know of no official place to buy Tom’s art, but in catching up on this site I noticed a post offering three of his pictures for sale. I don’t know anything about the seller, and I urge caution in your dealings if you choose to purchase one. I’m more than willing to allow people to post their items to sell or buy on the site. And for the record I too am saddened that Tom wanted all his art destroyed after his death, but that was his decision and as far as I know his family carried it out.

      • Thank you for the reply. I saw the guy selling stuff on the site and have come across a few others but like you said I’ve been cautious as they have no real explanation for how they came to poses Toms art and since he wanted it gone it’s not likely there are treasure troves of it lying around. I understand respecting his feelings on it, I think he just didn’t realize the impact it could of had/left and also it would of changed the messaging a bit on his legacy. Years from now people might of known him only as Tom the artist. Thank you for your reply and I will continue to look for a legitimate piece done by him as he reminds me of how strong the human mind can be and how much a person can overcome an endure! People feel stuck at their job or whatever and have no idea what it means to be truly stuck and yet free. What Tom overcame daily is a testament to what one can endure. Most people would of broke on the first day but he never did and I find it so amazing and also sad. Sad on the government’s behalf. Thank you again. With the utmost respect to you and yours. Irish

        Sent from iPhone so apple is reading this!


      • Your words speak eloquently about Tom’s ability to overcome his environment and persist in having a meaningful life. I think he would have appreciated your thoughts immensely

        I don’t want to scare you away from acquiring some of Tom’s art, but I stress that you should definitely ask how someone came to own the work in the first place. True, Tom rewarded his friends with his art, and some of those friends may have decided to part with it, but get particulars all the same.

      • Ya, I’ve passed twice on paintings for sale because the seller had no adequate explanation for how they came to own these works of art other then “someone gave them to them”. They might not be fake but I still have no interest in owning one that was not meant to be gifted to someone or appreciated. I will continue my search and if you come across anything valid, please let me know. As I said, for me it will be a constant reminder of what one can overcome and the power of the mind and spirit. I’m sad more people can not be exposed to Toms immense talents and amazing story of overcoming whatever life throws at you. I think his story as I said could have really served as inspiration for those facing challenges in their life and really served as inspiration for anyone lucky enough to come upon it. Everyone faces trials and tribulations but imagine if, in those moments one could turn to literature or artwork from Tom talking about his life and how he was able to transcend those moments and hardships and push through it time and time again. It’s truly inspirational!

    • Has anyone written a book on Tom?

  4. Hi my name is Steve Mendoza and I have 3 original paintings from prison autographed and signed bye Thomas Silver Stein, if your intrested in tsking a look i would be more than happy to send you a picture let me know. Im intrested in selling them.
    Thank you for your time.

  5. Tommy have children?

  6. Are any of his art pieces being sold?

    • Tom requested that all of his art work existing at the time of his death be destroyed, and his family has followed his wish. There may be individual pieces for sale on places like ebay or kijiji, but I don’t know of any other possible source. Be careful if you purchase anything, and ask for the “backstory” about how the art got to where it is. Hope that helps.

  7. I am trying to get more information on Tom and his biography. Can anyone help? Thank you, Sam Roberts, NY TIMES,

  8. My heartfelt condolences are going out to you and all of Thomas family and friends. With a husband at ADX I know the struggle you all have been through since he became sick. No matter what happened decades ago, human rights should not be violated as it is done daily at this place. May Thomas find freedom and peace now. The struggle to help everybody else in there will not stop.

    • Thank you for your sympathy. I can truly say that I know what you and your husband must deal with on a daily basis, and I too hope that Tom’s struggle–and that on his behalf by others–will somehow improve your situation.

  9. Just called for the sixth time today and Every time I stayed on line or pressed 0 it would ring 20 times the a beep and then heard noting but clicks till it cut me off, either there on lockdown or there putting everyone who calls for status is on a No answer list. An associate of No one was a. Prisoner at Supermax and he to.experienced psychological torture on the inside for only 2 years and. Said just the short time made him want to end it. Tom sue is a strong minded man if he can take that level of abuse and stay sane. .i cane get the contact info if you need any inside info. I put a link on my Facebook to your site for people to pray for Tom and explained his situation. Most of my 4000+ friends are Bandido MC and Hell’s Angel’s MC members and associates or shield club members along with regular people. A lot of know him as Brand Tommy and I myself dedicated my MC to Tom and named it in honor of the man. If you have a link I will send pics of cut. I just had it mailed back from ATF after 10 years cause they said it was an open investigation and it was evidence. They didn’t send anything else just an expired passport. No family pics of my children and past relationships some of whom have passed and I have nothing to remember them by that were our memories

    • How do u know Tommy? I would appreciate a y information

      • I know Tom only through our correspondence of about a decade. I read an essay on him and his plight and I then wrote to him expressing my concern and offering to do anything I could for him. We started exchanging letters and have been in regular touch since then. Ironically, we were scheduled to have our first phone call on the Sunday after he was taken ill. When Tom did not call me, I feared the worst, and it turns out my fears were justified. I have written quite a few letters to various officials asking for some leniency for Tom, but to no avail. I continue to write such letters, as frustrating as that exercise is, and I write Tom regularly, as well as send him financial aid when I can. Even though our relationship would have to be categorized as “long distance,” he is a big presence in my life, and I remain quite concerned about his health and the treatment he is receiving from BOP. Hope that answers your question.

      • Yes it does :-). I am his cousin in law. I knew tommy when he was about 12. I believe tommy did what he had to do to survive in most circumstances.
        He was a troubled kid and his mother had a lot to do with it. I knew most of his relatives on his mother’s side. That was a messed up family in my opinion.

      • Unfortunately, my youngest daughter has some of her traits, not good ones.

    • Andrew, Thanks for the note about your attempts to find out about Tom. I had a similar experience (as I posted yesterday), and thanks for the link to the website. I hope some of your friends will not only pray for Tom but also try to contact him, even if their mail gets returned. Somehow I hope he senses how much support he has in the outside world. I will continue trying to make contact to find out where and how he is, as frustrating as that is. Again, thanks for the post.

  10. I called the prison early this morning and a real person answered. I wanted to see if there was anyone at night that would be merciful and mention his condition. He said to call during regular hours and that someone should be able to assist me. I know that’s not much help but at least he was decent. I’m praying for Thomas’ speedy recovery.

    A. Sparkman

    • Andrew, thanks for the note about your call. I’m glad you were treated courteously, and I do hope you will try to get information during ADX’s regular hours, but, based on my experience, I warn you not to expect much. You may spend more than a few minutes on hold. But the more people who call and express concern for Tom, the more likely BOP will act differently. Let’s hope.

  11. I am family of Tommy. I know his sister and daughter caused quite the commotion while visiting him in the hospital. Is there any way i may find out his condition?

    • I have been trying for two weeks to get some word on Tom’s condition from ADX in Florence. I have met with no success. The phone number for ADX is 719 784-9464 and you will need Tom’s Reg No: 14634-116. I will continue to send emails and make phone calls. The webmaster.

  12. I have read about Tommy for so many years most of this from bop sources obviously and I’m appalled by this. Those two passages from Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens were quite inspiring and very poignant I will be sending Tommy a letter and will look at sending gifts or financial help

    • John, I will forward your message to Tom (by snail mail), and I’m sure he will respond. Please do write directly to him and, if you can, send him financial help. But please don’t send him any other kind of gift without first checking with him or BOP–they have very strict ideas about what is acceptable for inmates (as just one example, Tom cannot receive a book from an individual–only from a bookstore and then only if approved in advance by BOP). Anyway, thanks for visiting the site and please help spread the word about Tom’s plight. Webmaster.

  13. Where can we buy some of Tommy’s artwork?

  14. Is Karen still alive?

  15. How do I email TOMMY? Im his cousin’s wife. I’ve known Tommy since he was about 12 and his family.

  16. My mother Karen is Tommy’s cousin. Please let him know I’m sending a letter very soon!


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