Thomas Silverstein – Official Website

Solitary Survivor


Please address any questions or comments to Tom directly:


Tom Silverstein

Reg. #14634-116, D Unit

U.S.P, A.D.X.

P.O Box 8500

Florence, CO 81226-8500



Please do NOT mail anything other than a letter or card to Tom without his notice and consent (the Bureau of Prisons is very selective in what it will deliver to Tom). Unsolicited gifts , for example, a book, will be returned to the sender. If you wish to send Tom any kind of gift, please check with him before you mail it.

And please note that, effective January 7, 2019, the following restrictions apply to all correspndence with Tom:

1) Use only white paper and white envelopes.

2) Do NOT use labels of any sort.

3) Do NOT use glitter, sticky notes, lipstick, or crayon. Do NOT use any kind of fragrance.

4) “Homemade” greeting cards will be photocopied and only the photocopy will be delivered to the inmate.

For a more comprehensive list of restrictions, see Tom’s post of 1.31.2019.


9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have read about Tommy for so many years most of this from bop sources obviously and I’m appalled by this. Those two passages from Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens were quite inspiring and very poignant I will be sending Tommy a letter and will look at sending gifts or financial help

    • John, I will forward your message to Tom (by snail mail), and I’m sure he will respond. Please do write directly to him and, if you can, send him financial help. But please don’t send him any other kind of gift without first checking with him or BOP–they have very strict ideas about what is acceptable for inmates (as just one example, Tom cannot receive a book from an individual–only from a bookstore and then only if approved in advance by BOP). Anyway, thanks for visiting the site and please help spread the word about Tom’s plight. Webmaster.

  2. Where can we buy some of Tommy’s artwork?

  3. Is Karen still alive?

  4. How do I email TOMMY? Im his cousin’s wife. I’ve known Tommy since he was about 12 and his family.

  5. My mother Karen is Tommy’s cousin. Please let him know I’m sending a letter very soon!


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