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A message from the webmaster 3.30.2019


I have made numerous phone calls to ADX in Florence. I have sent several emails to various administrators. I have left numerous requests for call-backs. All to no avail. I have been put on hold and left for several minutes; I have been told someone would get in touch with me; and I even have an email from the Office of the Administrative Assistant telling me that someone would be glad to speak to me about Tom’s whereabouts and condition. After two weeks of such effort I have exactly nothing to share with you. I don’t even know if Tom is still alive. I always marveled at Tom’s ability to tolerate the utterly demeaning treatment he has had at the hands of BOP; I now marvel even more. I shall keep trying to find out where and how Tom is, and I will share any news immediately. Meanwhile, if anyone knows anything about Tom, please post it here.

4 thoughts on “A message from the webmaster 3.30.2019

  1. To all readers please has any body had trouble sending letters to Tom I have sent lots and Tom has kindly always replied lately though I had a couple of letters sent back to me via the American post service claiming they could not find the supermax in Colorado, this was a first for me as I have had around 10 to 15 letters that have reached Tom and Tom has always replied.

    • Ian, I haven’t had any letters returned within the last 3 weeks, but neither have I heard from Tom in reply to at least 3 letters I sent to him. As you say, Tom is always prompt in replying to letters sent to him. For what it is worth, I will add the question of whether Tom’s mail is being delivered to him when I call ADX on Monday in my (futile) quest for information. I wish I could offer you more information. The webmaster

  2. I have sent you another letter All the best

  3. May you get well soon. I hope you received my 2 letters.

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