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Solitary Survivor

Please Read First

Hello, and welcome to Tom’s website. I suppose, for lack of a better term, I am the webmaster, but master I am not quite. Nonetheless, I have assumed responsibility for the website and have spent some time trying to salvage what survived the crash of the last website. I am slowly becoming more familiar with the workings of WordPress, our web hosting service and site builder. I have tried to make this site as logical and easy to use as I know how within the limitations of free web hosting. So here is a rough guide to using this site.

The PAGES are listed across the top of the home page of the site. If you click on a page it will appear beneath the photo of ADX (where Tom is in solitary confinement). You can scroll continuously to the end of that page. If a page has a drop-down menu, move the cursor to the desired page/file and click on it. It will appear beneath the photo of ADX. Again, you can scroll continuously to the end of the selection. There are two sections that do not appear in the PAGES listed above the photo of ADX: a gallery of Tom’s artwork and links to Pete Earley’s interview with Tom from several years ago. These can be found by scrolling beneath the photo of ADX on the home page.

When Tom provides me with a new POST I will put it on a page titled with the date of the posting. This will appear beneath the picture of ADX and it should allow readers to leave comments in response. I will periodically send Tom such responses from visitors to the site and post his reply in the proper place (attached to the response, at least, I hope).

I will continue to review the website, update it, and try to correct any fault I find or am notified of. I also welcome suggestions for improvements and will do my best to incorporate them. For website matters, address: