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A Very Important Message from the Webmaster 5.11.2019

Tom’s brother Morris just posted (8:00 p.m. Eastern time) on Facebook that Tom has passed away.

I have no further details to provide, but I wanted to share this sad news with people who were concerned about Tom’s condition. If anyone has more news, please share it here.

I can say this: I will maintain this website as both a memorial to Tom and as a research tool for anyone interested in his long struggle with the Bureau of Prisons.

I also urge anyone with any memory of Tom to share it here. I will write more later, but right now I just want to grieve.

Richard Giles

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Message from the Webmaster 5.3.2019

I phoned ADX today and spoke to the legal department. Here is the message I received by email:

“I did some research today and I am not sure why the letter was returned to you. You may continue to send correspondence to inmate Silverstein at the ADX and it will get to him.”

So, I shall sit down this afternoon and draft Tom a nice letter in the hope that he will receive it and, further, be in good enough shape to read and respond to it. I will also attempt to engage the legal department in an email exchange about Tom’s condition, but on that point I’m not very hopeful.

If you can, please write to Tom and express your wishes for his recovery.

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Message from the Webmaster 5.2.2019

I wish I could be sharing good news about Tom, but I can’t. I just today received my last letter to Tom stamped “Return to Sender Refused Unable to Forward.”

So, I immediately tried to call ADX. Three times I waited for a transfer to the operator, and three times, after several minutes, my line reverted to a dial tone.

A lesser man might feel paranoid at this point, but I’m just frickin’ pissed at the bloody cavalier manner in which BOP is treating Tom and those who are concerned about his health. While I acknowledge some safety concerns on the part of BOP, I cannot fathom any legitimate reason for such a veil of secrecy about Tom’s condition.

So, I can report that at least my mail is NOT being delivered to Tom; my phone calls no longer get even as far as the operator for transfer to a human being; and my letter to the warden from several weeks ago has still not been answered. I wrote Tom at least two other letters, but I don’t know the fate of those yet.

I am stymied as to what the next move should be. The options are woefully limited. But if anyone has heard anything about Tom, please share it here.;