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2.8.19 Message from Webmaster


I have just heard from Tom and posted some new links on solitary confinement and appeals he made in the recent and distant past.

And Tom told me that he is suffering from pneumonia. So, if you could, you might send him a note wishing him better health.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “2.8.19 Message from Webmaster

  1. I would also like to pas on my regards to Barri John (Tom’s former webmaster)

  2. That’s a sad coincidence I was sick for a month and a half with a terrible cough and had to take antibiotics. I thought I could actually die I was so sick but I still went to work each day. The last time I was that sick I had the swine flu in the CYA. It killed a million people that year. I felt very vulnerable being so weak and being surrounded by adversaries.

    I had my pneumonia shot when I turned 60 (recommended) and take a flu shot each year and still I was hit hard this year. I doubt that they offered you a pneumonia shot when you turned 60 and maybe not even a flu shot. I don’t remember getting them when I was incarcerated.

    I wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully you can get some sleep it helps.

    I beat it and you are much more recilant than me. Hopefully you can get some meds to assist you.

    Stay strong


  3. Please all readers see the new rules and regulations from reene silverstein regarding sending mail to Thomas, I have sent about seven new letters to Tom including a Christmas card and I know Tom has been ill, but I am hoping my letters reach tom

  4. I wish Tom a speedy recovery I have sent you a birthday card good luck

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