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Dear Friends & Supporters,
A lot is made of the years/decades that I’ve been isolated but rarely what exactly that consists of, which I’m trying 2 reveal in my book. However, I’ll point out another aspect now. The BOP continues 2 list my record from 34 years ago to justify not releasing me from ADX. But never, ever acknowledging my accomplishments that I continue 2 achieve year after year.
I sent my daughter numerous certificates over the years, so I only have about 15 on hand, which I receive after completing a course that typically lasts 4 twelve weeks. We’re given a ten question quiz each wk. & only allowed 2 wrong answers or we fail.
We’re told that these courses are mandatory 2 show we’re “programming” if we wanna work R way out of ADX.
I’m enclosing my “Education Data” showing all the courses I took & completed, from 1983 till 2013 (I need 2 get an updated data list). We R required 2 finish one & sometimes 2 courses during R six month reviews. As u’ll C, I’ve exceeded that quota. Unfortunately any good credits earned are ignored.
Many kind & caring folks have lobbied the powers that B for my release w/ hat n hand, more or less asking the merciless 4 mercy. However, those powers obviously do NOT care how long I’ve been isolated & what it’s done/doing 2 me!
I suggest sending along copies of my certificates/education data & demand 2 know y they require me 2 do X, Y, and Z, but whenever I do it, they don’t hold up their end.
I’m not asking 4 a favor—I’ve earned it several times over.
Please note the “Reader’s call 2 action 4 Tommy Silverstein.” A movement is underway 2 contact Donald Trump & ask 4 a pardon, which I support & welcome your help n obtaining! [This link has been moved to the Voice your concerns page on this site.]
Meanwhile, please take the best of care & thank u 4 your much needed help.
Your pal,
p.s. BOP policy for step-down requirements attached
p,p.s. (from the webmaster): The Call for Action appears first under this page; then, in reverse chronological order,the certificates; and finally the several pages of BOP policy on step-down.