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News about Tom 4.26.2019


I can share the little bit of news I have about Tom’s condition.

An official at ADX informed me (after I exasperatedly asked if Tom were still alive) that, yes, he is still alive. That was the full extent of the information provided by ADX!

I have learned from other sources that Tom is receiving his mail, wherever he may be located.

Consequently, I ask that anyone reading this note take the time to write to Tom and express your support and prayers.

I truly wish that I had more news to offer readers. I will continue to ask BOP and ADX officials for specific information, but I do not feel optimistic about their responses.

For the record, such treatment of Tom and of those concerned about him has far too many resemblances to that meted out by totalitarian regimes.

The Webmaster

3 thoughts on “News about Tom 4.26.2019

  1. Coincidence or not I feel that those that would aggressively attack Tom’s supporters are mostly stateside and as such many might refrain from taking on such a role that would insite such people whether law enforcement or those people who wish him harm in prison who get out.

    I commend you for your efforts to keep his story out there.

    Thanks again

  2. Their silence does suggest that Tom is not in ADX but in a less secure location.

    The last sentence is why some people like myself don’t write directly.

    It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that both you and the old webmaster BJ live outside the country.

    I would hope that Tom knows that I am rooting for his recovery and hoping that his memoir will explain what is going on.

    I imagine they fear that the AB or his family will try and break him out. Maybe they recall Jonathan Jackson’s August 7, 1970 attempt to free inmates affiliated with his brother George’s BGF gang.

    However I’ve never heard of anyone from the AB ever attempting to break someone out of prison. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I’m not in law enforcement or familiar with such matters.

    Nor do I know if Tom is still considered important to the group other than as a legend of resistance.

    Anyway I hope you get well soon Tom and write us all a kite on here!

    Your will to survive continues to amaze me. Stay strong!

    • Alan, I too interpret the wall of silence at ADX to mean that Tom is still undergoing treatment somewhere. Still, it would be nice if BOP would at least share news of his health and the medical care he is receiving with his family, but, as I understand it, even they have been denied such information. I will forward your comments to Tom after I hear from him directly. I’m going to assume that it’s mere coincidence that Tom’s two webmasters are residents of foreign countries.

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