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Beware of Unethical “Friends” of Tom

We have just learned that, unfortunately, some people still try to profit from Tom’s position by selling his letters as collector’s items. The most recent was online by a website called Las Vegas Oddities.

Tom has consistently opposed this illicit market in his letters or artwork, and continues to urge people NOT to support such endeavors. If you want Tom’s autograph, write him a letter directly (see page on this site for his address). He will respond as soon as he can.

If, on the other hand, you were thinking of spending tens–or even hundreds–of dollars on such a letter from a third party, please consider sending some or all of that money instead to Tom. He will certainly reply with a letter of thanks. (See the page on this site for instructions on sending Tom money.)

Regardless, know that Tom does not approve of this illicit market and hopes you will not participate in it.


News from Tom, March 12, 2018

After a long delay (not his fault), I received a letter from Tom with the new photo of him I’ve attached below. He remains cut off from human contact except for the guards who deliver his meals. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THIS REGARD. The good news is that part of the book he is writing about his life has been typed up and read by Pete Earley, who is also lining up a publisher for the book. I’ll keep you informed as I get more news from Tom.

I have mailed Tom copies of the new website pages and am awaiting his approval of all the material. The delays in our correspondence are more than a little frustrating, but there is nothing that we can do to improve the behaviour of BOP. Bear with us.

So, please leave a comment for Tom or, better yet, write to him directly (see the page with his address). He would like to hear from every visitor.

Tom, March 12, 2018

New website for Tommy – work in progress!

Thomas Silverstein Self-portrait 001Welcome to the new website for Thomas Silverstein, aka Tommy. I am working on this site, and it will replace the crashed site. I’m a novice at web design and management, so please be forgiving. I intend to update Tom’s status, provide links to recent relevant events (like court decisions, etc.), offer a section for comments, which I will forward to Tom via snail mail. Be patient, please.    R.F.G.