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News from Tom, March 12, 2018


After a long delay (not his fault), I received a letter from Tom with the new photo of him I’ve attached below. He remains cut off from human contact except for the guards who deliver his meals. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THIS REGARD. The good news is that part of the book he is writing about his life has been typed up and read by Pete Earley, who is also lining up a publisher for the book. I’ll keep you informed as I get more news from Tom.

I have mailed Tom copies of the new website pages and am awaiting his approval of all the material. The delays in our correspondence are more than a little frustrating, but there is nothing that we can do to improve the behaviour of BOP. Bear with us.

So, please leave a comment for Tom or, better yet, write to him directly (see the page with his address). He would like to hear from every visitor.

Tom, March 12, 2018

11 thoughts on “News from Tom, March 12, 2018

  1. Happy birthday Dad!! Feb 5,2021. I love and miss you greatly. If I had one wish. To spend one more day let alone the rest but of my life in your presence. If i could just hear u laugh out loud. Other than in my mind. Just one more time.

    Pop you have always meant the world to me. There has not and still isn’t one day I don’t think about you several times a day as a matt√©r be of fact. You couldn’t be have known that. Unfortunately I am the one who missed out and it’s to late. My heart aches with tears running down my face. Forever your living son Tommy J

  2. They should kill this son of a bitch just like he killed those two officer. Fuck him fuck him Fuck him.

  3. Thomas finally recivied some money from me I hope he can get a couple of luxuarys

  4. Man u r a genious in paintings/ drawings, unbelievable calmness for so many years with a great face .god will be always with u man.hope u will get better facilities in future.good luck dude.

  5. Thomas silverstien is an honest guy forget what he has done in prison he is a guy you would trust if he was not in prison. i hope one day the authorites downgrade thoma’s life sentence Thomas recently sent me an updated photo of himself and he seems to have lost a lot of weight. please anybody intrested please send a letter to thomas he will make time to reply i have five replies. dont ask about any gang activity as the letter will get rejected and sent back to you but if you ask thomas about his daily life and intrests your letter will get to him. as of late i believe thomas has had his postal privaliges given back as he is allowed to reply also you can send some money look on the web-site for the address rmembering the account number is thomas prison id and i have used the moneygram system

  6. i have contacted thomas twice this year via letter and he always takes time to reply i have also sent him a little money that i hope he gets it via the moneygram system

  7. Hey Tom, Just letting you know I do say a prayer for you every morning along with all the friends and family I have down mostly in the CA state system. Im not gonna sit here and act like I know you, but I will say in my darkest hours, you have given me the strength to carry on. Whether it was when I was strung out on dope or doing another bid, I believe you have served this purpose for alot of men out there. Just wanted to say thank you. I am from the Santa Barbara area and believe I know a woman who knew you as you both grew up in Long Beach. You have had a tough go of it, but you continue to walk upright and strong, I have known many tough men in my day, but none as spiritually tough as you have shown year after year. Have a great day, or the best day you are capable of. Stay strong.!!!!

    • Please forgive the long delay [made even longer by the webmaster–sorry] but u know how the penal system is re: mail. Nevertheless, it’s great hearing from u & pleasantly surprised that u’re from the S.B. area & know my X sweetheart. Small world. Ha, ha.
      Thank u kindly 4 your encouraging sentiments. They truly mean a lot & I’m thankful u & others have & do draw strength from my own struggles. We all get beat down n one way or another, but like it’s said, what matters most is whether or not we pick ourselves up and fight on. ūüôā
      Please take care and thanks 4 your much needed support.
      Your pal, Tommy

  8. Looking Good Tom! I just mailed off another letter and sent a little something to help. I would like to mail you a sign painting/lettering book. I will try to see if I can get it approved so that you receive it. Looking forward to getting your letter
    Your friend on the outside

    • Hi, Doug B.
      Thanks 4 your most welcomed post. Kind of u 2 say I’m looking good. I also got your snail mail & will answer soon. I appreciate u wanting 2 send a book. Hopefully u received my last kite by now letting u know that u’re NOT allowed 2 send it directly. That’s 2 e-z ;-( It has 2 come from Amazon &/or the publisher. I’m glad 2 c u’re staying updated w/ r site. I took a break, but hope 2 keep in touch w/those of u who check n from time 2 time & have expressed concern 4 my well-being.
      Take care, my friend,

  9. I’m interested in reading your memoir when it comes out. I believe no harm can be done from it and having the public learn what influenced your life course could actually do us some good.

    I feel I have a limited understanding of the motivations behind your actions. We shared a lot of early life experiences. We are nearly the same age. You lived in Long Beach, I lived in the Valley. We were both in the CYA in the 60’s.

    I toured Cali’s vast prison system in 1969 when I rode the CDC’s prison bus down to LA for court.

    It was impressive ride to say the least.

    So I’ve stood at the edge of the abyss and looked down and not liking what I saw I was determined not to fall into it. But I was destined to visit the deep south’s version which was (although still segregated) an even worse experience.

    I’ve written about my experiences here is a short excerpt:

    “by the time the 1967 ‚ÄúSummer of Love‚ÄĚ arrived every peaceful-flower-child that arrived in CDC had a cross to bear. As he walked, bound in his chains, through the cruel gauntlet that is prison, sadistic guards on one side, and leering sexual predators on the other, he may have paused with a tear in his eye to look beyond the ominous watchtowers towards the sky to ask, ‚ÄúWhy has thou forsaken me?

    For incarceration is a cruel gauntlet with one side lined with rouge guards and the other with predatory inmates.

    These natural adversaries, both consciously and unconsciously, collude in order to mete out societies punishment.

    Those that have run this cruel gauntlet understand and appreciate what it took to survive it.

    I’ve a lot of questions with little expectation of getting answers.

    For one I have a lot of aches and pains how the hell do you sleep on a concrete slab. I wake up with pain every night on a good mattress and box springs. By the way I recently received photos of the old cells in the CYA they were remodeled to your current standards. Windows were narrowed to slots and beds were on concrete slabs. It seems they liked the decor of your current rooms. Glad I missed that upgrade. Laugh out loud.

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